Shopping Cart Cleaning, Maintenance & Repair

Keeping Your Business Mobile Is Our Business

Mobile Rod Solutions, Inc. is the preferred shopping cart repair company.

Our purpose is to make sure your equipment keeps rolling smoothly so that your business can keep moving.

Don’t let some broken shopping carts or locked shopping cart wheels stop your business. Our team of expert technicians repair various forms of industrial equipment, including mobility shopping carts, shopping carts, and backroom equipment such as utility carts. We can also replace corrals in your parking lot, and we can repair most other shopping cart containment related equipment. 


We know shopping carts can get filthy. By using EPA-approved cleaning agents, we work diligently to ensure your shopping carts are disinfected and presentable.


Shopping carts are a business investment. Protect your investment by signing up for our shopping cart maintenance plans today. 


Wheels lock up, casters break, and child safety belts get worn out. We can repair or replace anything your business has on rollers or wheels. Keep your business rolling by contacting us today. 




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