Shopping Cart Repair

Mobile Rod Solutions, Inc. is the preferred shopping cart repair company.


Our purpose is to make sure your equipment keeps rolling smoothly so that your business can keep moving.


Don’t let some broken shopping carts or locked shopping cart wheels stop your business. Our team of expert technicians repairs various forms of industrial equipment, including mobility shopping carts, shopping carts, and backroom equipment such as utility carts. We can also replace corrals in your parking lot, and we can repair most other shopping cart containment-related equipment.


For shopping carts, all of our parts are ASTM-approved. Some of our most common repairs or replacements include:

  • Casters

Caster wheels are a comfortable convenience that some of us take for granted. Broken casters on any heavy-duty machinery or piece of industrial equipment can cause a disruption of services at your business. Equipment that once easily moved across the warehouse floor may become difficult to move, or stuck. Some business owners think they must buy new shopping carts, but that is seldom the case. Mobile Rod Solutions is able to repair or replace broken wheel casters, saving the business owner thousands of dollars in shopping cart replacement. Don’t let a broken or lost caster wheel cost your business efficiency and speed. 

  • Child Safety Belt
  • Corner Bumpers
  • Handle Covers
  • Leg Hole Closure
  • Wheels

We can also repair the locking mechanism for the shopping carts so they can’t be stolen. Shopping cart loss or theft cuts into profits! Contact us today to schedule a free consultation or service visit!


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